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Wienerschnitzel Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

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Wienerschnitzel Menu USA with price list and promotions (Updated 2021)

From what the name suggests, you can already tell what this place’s specialty is; that’s right – hot dogs!

This US-based fast food chain is definitely popular for its hot dogs; but over the years, they have also added in burgers, sandwiches and many more to the legendary Wienerschnitzel menu. If you’re curious about what they have to offer, check out the complete Wienerschnitzel menu and prices for 2021 below:

Disclaimer: This price list only serves as a general guide and may be subjected to change. You may visit the official website for the latest updates.

Wienerschnitzel Menu USA with Prices

Hot Dogs

Chicago Dog$2.09
Street Dog$2.29
Deluxe Dog$1.99
Kraut Dog$1.79
Mustard Dog$1.49
Corn Dog$1.49
Chili Dog$1.79
Chili Cheese Dog$2.09
Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Dog$2.89
Buffalo Bacon Chili Cheese Dog$2.99
Loaded Bacon Street Chili Cheese Dog$2.89
Junkyard Chili Cheese Dog$2.69
The Works Chili Cheese Dog$2.49
Triple Cheese Double Bacon Chili Cheese Dog$3.99
Upgrade Any Dog To All-Beef or Polish Sausage$1.00
Substitute A Pretzel Bun$0.50


Mustard & Kraut Dog (Limited Time)$2.99
Mustard & Onion Dog (Limited Time)$2.99
5 Chili or Corn Dogs (Limited Time)$5.00


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Chili Burger$1.79
Chili Cheeseburger$2.09


Image credit: Wienerschnitzel
Polish Sandwich$2.99

Family Combos

Image credit: Wienerschnitzel
3 Chili Burgers, 3 Chili Dogs & 3 Small Fries$12.99
6 Chili Dogs & 3 Small Fries$12.99

Kids’ Meal

Image credit: Wienerschnitzel

Meal Includes Fries or Apple Sauce, Kid’s Drink & Prize

Mustard Dog – Meal$4.29
Corn Dog – Meal$4.29

Fries & Snacks

Chili Cheese Fries $3.19
Buffalo Bacon Chili Cheese Fries $3.59
Bacon Ranch Chili Cheese Fries $3.69
Triple Cheese Double Bacon Chili
Cheese Fries
Ultimate Chili Cheese Fries $3.69
French FriesSmall$1.69
French FriesMedium$1.99
French FriesLarge$2.79
Jalapeño Poppers6 Pc$2.79
Jalapeño Poppers12 Pc$4.99


Strawberry Lemonade $1.89
Milk $0.99
Bottled Water $1.29
Soft DrinkSmall$1.59
Soft DrinkMedium$1.99
Soft DrinkLarge$2.29


Soft Serve ConeSmall$1.29
Soft Serve ConeRegular$1.69
Dipped ConeSmall$1.69
Dipped ConeRegular$2.09
Shakes (Chocolate, Vanilla, or
Root Beer Float $2.99
Old Fashioned Sundae $2.99
Mini Sundae $1.59
Banana Split $3.79
Freezee $3.19

Latest Promotions at Wienerschnitzel USA

Check it here.

The History of Wienerschnitzel

Wienerschnitzel was founded by John Galardi in 1961. Considering how Galardi was a former worker of Taco Bell, he had some experiences in the fast food industry. The first Wienerschnitzel restaurant was in California and the name of the brand was suggested by his wife. He then decided to open up restaurants outside of California in the 1980s.

The brand stays true to its slogan, “World’s Largest Hot Dog Chain” with over 300 locations in the US alone.

Reach Out to Wienerschnitzel USA

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FAQs of Wienerschnitzel Menu USA

  • Is Wienerschnitzel halal?

Unfortunately, no, it’s not halal. There are hot dogs which contain a blend of original pork and beef as one of the choices.

  • Does Wienerschnitzel deliver?

Yes, it does! They have various delivery partners such as Grubhub, Ubereats and Doordash.

  • Does Wienerschnitzel have a mobile app?

Yes, Wienerschnitzel has a loyalty based mobile app.

  • How do I open my own Wienerschnitzel franchise?

If you’d like to know more about franchising Wienerschnitzel, click here.

  • Where can I find the allergen information for Wienerschnitzel?

You can view their full allergen information here.

In the meantime, don’t miss out on more popular food guides on LokaEats!

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