How to Order White Castle Delivery Online in the US

White Castle Delivery Online USA

Father of All Burgers

Indeed, White Castle isn’t just known for addictive tiny hamburgers (sliders) and innovative ways to serve finger food. Their boldest claim to fame is being the pioneer of the fast-food restaurant and of burgers in general. Before that, people were living in a patty-less world, eating only meatballs in bread instead. Imagine that!

Much like a master chess player moving around the board strategically, this family-owned fast-food chain has been making slow and steady strides over the last century. You’ll only find about 400 outlets in 13 states across the country.

However, with customers still calling their juicy Original Sliders the best thing they’ve ever tasted, it’s safe to say that White Castle has stood the test of time.

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Ultimate Snackability

From their signature 5-holed thin patties, perfectly circular onion rings, crinkle-cut fries, to the revolutionary cheesecake on a stick, White Castle has their food prep down to a science. It seems like everything about how their food is made has been carefully engineered to ensure ultimate snack-ability. You’ll find it hard to just eat one!

White Castle slider patties are steam grilled on a bed of sauteed onions for maximum flavor infusion. This creates an incredible amount of flavor and moisture to these snackable burgers that are just beyond compare. Serve them with melty real American cheese and White Castle’s very own perfectly-shaped soft buns, and you’ll have sliders to die for.

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We know you want to spend the afternoon building your own chicken ring tower while snacking on some delicious sliders. Because who doesn’t? Or maybe you’d rather live it up and throw a sliders party at home instead. 

In both cases, we recommend getting the Crave Case which is essentially a cardboard briefcase filled with 20-30 sliders (because a sack of 10 isn’t enough) Keep reading to find out how you can order White Castle delivery online!

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How to Order White Castle Delivery Online

White Castle’s Website

Firstly, you can order White Castle delivery through their own website. All you have to do is create a free online account and locate the outlet nearest to you using their interactive map.

After that, you can build your order on the prompted virtual menu. Choose delivery or pick-up, and you’re good to go! You can choose to pay online, or (for pick-ups) you can pay when you collect your food. 

Currently, it doesn’t seem like White Castle has their own delivery system in place. Instead, they rely on popular delivery partners like Grubhub, Postmates, Seamless, and Doordash. 

White Castle’s site has a $12 minimum order and a $2 delivery fee charge in general. However, the minimum order and delivery charges may vary from location to location.

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White Castle App

Alternatively, you can place your White Castle delivery online order through their free app. Download them from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. The app is complete with a Castle locator that lets you choose the nearest outlet, where you can order from the full White Castle menu with pricing and White Castle Breakfast menu. What’s more, you have access to app-only menu items and offers.

Craver Nation

Upon downloading and registering on their free app, you will be officially inducted into the White Castle’s Craver Nation loyalty program. If you are at a participating location, you will be prompted to join this exciting community.

Apart from point systems to earn free sliders, the program also has a space for die-hard fans to have online profiles to connect and post about their love for all things White Castle. They even have online games and merchandise!

The best thing about it? Cravers get 20% off on every single White Castle order if they placed it through the app. Now that’s a good deal!

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Third-Party Delivery Apps or Site

As with many restaurants, you can also order White Castle delivery online directly from the delivery partners’ apps and sites. Order anything from White Castle’s full menu from these apps and enjoy the delivery partner’s occasional exclusive perks like limited-time free delivery. 

You can choose to pick up your food from the store itself or for them to be delivered to your doorstep. Delivery charges range from $2.49 to $2.99 on Seamless.

News and Deals

Image Credit: White Castle

Birthday Cake-On-A-Stick

Hooray! White Castle turned 100 in 2021, and they celebrated by releasing a limited-time flavor to their dessert menu. Introducing: The Birthday Cake-On-A-Stick.

In a time of global pandemics and endless quarantine, we can all do with a little bit of joy. As an incentive for fans to get their Covid-19 vaccination, White Castle offers those who got vaccinated a free cake-on-a-stick of any flavor.

All they have to do is show their vaccination card as proof, and they’ll get the free cake! This offer is for a limited time only and will end after May 31, 2021.

Image Credit: White Castle

10 Sliders for $5.99

White Castle offers customers 10 sliders at a discounted price of just $5.99. However, for New York, New Jersey, and Chicagoland outlets, the deal’s price is $6.99 for 10 sliders. This deal is available at participating locations for a limited time only.

Did you enjoy this guide? Check out White Castle’s full latest menu here. For more helpful guides on online delivery, latest menus, and even copycat recipes, make sure to browse the LokaEats home page!



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