How to Order Whataburger Delivery Online in the US

Whataburger Delivery

Whataburger may not be the most successful burger joint, but it’s a Texan icon whose cookies were the first to reach space. Whataburger delivery, on the other hand, will not be travelling such a distance.

Despite Whataburger menu’s limited options, the fast-food chain has proved that there are 36,864 ways to make a Whataburger. Customers can make special requests and add ingredients, such as jalapeños, triple meat, grilled onions, and extra cheese. Also, you can order their breakfast in their Whataburger Breakfast menu.

Customizing the perfect burger? Don’t mind if we do.

This aspect gives the franchise its unique point, as every burger is made-to-order. From the bread and meat to the size and toppings, you decide what you eat!


Where did Whataburger originate?

In 1950, founder Harmon Dobson launched his first burger joint in Texas. Although Dobson was a jack of all trades, he ultimately went on to master the fast-food industry. He aimed to create a gigantic burger that would elicit exactly this response: “What a burger!”

Thus, the name was born, and the rest was history. Business was slow at first, but things quickly picked up on the fourth day. Now, there are over 800 stores across the southeastern and southwestern US states.

Credit: Whataburger on Facebook

Order Whataburger Delivery Online (USA)

Whataburger is abundant in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and the southern states, so ordering delivery shouldn’t be a problem. To check whether there’s one near you, take a look at all the available locations here.

Website & Mobile App

As usual, you can order from the website or mobile app and choose your pickup. Click the ‘Order’ button and customize your order according to your preferences. Then, proceed to Check Out, selecting ‘Delivery’ as your pick up method.

Credit: Whataburger on Facebook

Be sure to input the correct address to avoid prolonged hunger. Customers can even schedule a time to receive their delivery—ASAP or anytime within 24 hours. Once your order is confirmed, set the perfect scene to indulge in tasty food (optional). 

If you have any instructions for delivery, do specify them in the given section. You can check your order status on the app or through the link in your confirmation email. 

Order Whataburger Delivery via Third-Party

Those with Grubhub, DoorDash, or Postmates on their phones will be happy to find the restaurant available for delivery as well. The process is pretty much the same; search ‘Whataburger’ and tailor your order to your liking. 

Plus, you can save your favorites and reorder them next time with a mere click! These partnered apps also offer exclusive deals and point systems, which means more bang for your burger. 

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