Urban Vegan Kitchen Food Menu & Price USA (2022)

Urban Vegan Kitchen Menu

Urban Vegan Kitchen Food Menus USA with pricing and the latest promotions. All you need to know about Urban Vegan Kitchen.

New York is a harbor for cuisine around the world, whether it is a top-notch fine-dining restaurant or family-friendly diner. In New York’s Carmine Street, the humble Urban Vegan Kitchen brings their simplistic yet delicious vegan food to this colorful city. 

Besides that, Urban Vegan Kitchen also provides their support to the local community. Support + Feed is the restaurant’s fundraising program to provide nourishing, plant-based meals to the marginalized communities in the city.   

Let’s have a look at their vegan food menu. 

Disclaimer: Prices and items below may change. You may visit Urban Vegan Kitchen’s official website for any updates on the menu.


Urban Vegan Kitchen Food Menu & Prices

Food Specials

MenuPrice ($)
UVK Stew (choose a base and 3 add ins)19.00
Potato Leek Soup12.00
Fiery Tomato Basil Soup14.00
Oyster Mushroom Asada22.00


MenuPrice ($)
Housemade Chili9.00
Garlic Broccoli9.00
Crispy Brussels Sprouts12.00
Hand Cut Fries6.00
Chili Cheese Fries13.00
Buffalo Cauliflower Bites10.00
Buffalo Wings9.00-13.00
Korean BBQ Wings15.00
Wing Flight15.00
Mac N’ Cheese15.00
Dirty Green Quesadilla17.00
Jackfruit Fajita Quesadilla17.00
Tres Queso Quesadilla17.00


MenuPrice ($)
UVK Stew (choose a base and 3 add-ins)19.00
Belgian Waffle14.00
Golden French Toast16.00
Breakfast Sandwich18.00
Tofu Scramble Plate18.00
Classic BLT17.00
Chickpea Tuna17.00
Po’ Boy18.00
Rich Boy22.00
UVK Burger19.00
Super Dope Burger23.00
Impossible Burger18.00
Chick-un Avocado Ranch Salad19.00
Chick-un & Waffles21.00
1 Taco8.00
2 Tacos12.00
3 Tacos16.00
Gluten Free Lasagna22.00
Create a Bowl (choose 3 items & a dressing)18.00


MenuPrice ($)
Side of Cheezy Bread5.00
Side of Jackfruit6.00
Side of Homefries8.00
Side of Chick-un8.00
Plain Waffle12.00
Side of Tofu Scramble9.00
Side of Rice4.00
Side of Rice & Refied Beans6.00
Hand-Cut Fries6.00
Side of Sauteed Kale6.00
Side of Marinated Kale5.00
Side Salad7.00
Side of Chickpea Tuna12.00


MenuPrice ($)
Extra Dressing1.00
Extra Maple Syrup2.00
Side of Avocado4.00
Side of Shiitake Bacon3.00
Side of Tempeh Bacon3.00
Side of Cashew Cheese Sauce3.00
French Bread2.00
Potato Bun2.00
Side of Pico2.00
Side of Breakfast Sausage5.00


MenuPrice ($)
Mississippi Mud Pie10.00
Chocolate Chip Tahini Cookie6.00

Reach Out to Urban Vegan Kitchen

Urban Vegan Kitchen is available on the following social media platform. You can subscribe to them for the latest updates. 

FAQs of Urban Vegan Kitchen

1. Can I make a seat reservation?
You can reserve a seat via their official website or Resy.

2. May I know Urban Vegan Kitchen’s opening hours?
Here is a schedule of Urban Vegan Kitchen’s operating hours :
Monday to Thursday – Noon to 11.00 pm
Friday – Noon to midnight
Saturday – 10.00 am to midnight
Sunday – 10.00am to 10.30pm

3. Is ordering for pickup and delivery available?
You can make your food order via Cheqout, Grubhub, Doordash, and Postmates.

4. How can I make my Support + Feed donations?
You can donate through Urban Vegan Kitchen’s online portal.

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