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Tcby Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

TCBY Menus USA with pricing and the latest promotions. All you need to know about TCBY.

Being one of the largest soft-serve frozen yogurt retailers in the USA, TCBY is the go-to for many in search of a delicious cup of frozen yogurt. The TCBY Menu USA offers an array of flavors to choose from, such as Golden Vanilla, Chocolate, White Chocolate Mousse and other flavors that will keep you coming back for more.

Moreover, the newer TCBY concept stores even follow a self-service model where you’re charged by weight. This new concept makes the frozen-yogurt experience all the more exciting, as the power to customize and build your own concoction of frozen yogurt is in your hands (literally).

What’s more, the TCBY Menu USA doesn’t just stop at frozen yogurts. They also offer other delicious delights such as smoothies and Frappe Chillers. Now, let us guide you through TCBY’s latest menu with pricing and the latest promotions.

Disclaimer: The prices listed below only serve as a reference and may be subjected to change. Head over to their official site for the most recent updates.

TCBY Menu and Prices in the USA

Soft Serve Yogurt & Toppings

Image credit: Tcby Facebook

Soft Serve Cup/Cone – $1.79 (Kiddie)

Soft Serve Cup/Cone – $2.99 (Small)

Soft Serve Cup/Cone – $3.49 (Regular)

Soft Serve Cup/Cone – $3.89 (Large)

Kids Topping – $0.49 (Regular)

Topping – $0.89

Fruit Topping – $0.89

Each Additional Topping – $0.49

TCBY Hand Scooped Yogurt

Image credit: Tcby Facebook

Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/Cone – $1.79 (Kiddie)

Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/Cone – $2.99 (Small)

Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/Cone – $3.49

Regular Hand Scooped Yogurt Cup/Cone – $3.89 (Large)

TCBY Waffle Cones

Image credit: Tcby Facebook

Waffle Cone Only – $0.79 (Small)

Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) – $2.59 (Kiddie)

Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) – $3.29 (Small)

Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) – $3.79 (Regular)

Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) – $2.59 (Kiddie)

Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) – $3.29 (Small)

Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) – $3.79 (Regular)

Dipped Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) – $4.29 (Small)

Dipped Waffle Cone (With Soft Serve) – $4.79 (Regular)

Dipped Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) – $4.29 (Small)

Dipped Waffle Cone (With Hand Scooped) – $4.79 (Regular)

TCBY Beriyo Smoothies

Image credit: Tcby Facebook

Beriyo Smoothie – $4.09 (Small)

Beriyo Smoothie – $4.99 (Large)

TCBY Specialty Items

Shiver – $4.29 (Small)

Shiver – $4.79 (Regular)

Shiver – $5.19 (Large)

Parfait – $4.09 (Regular)

Sundae (Soft Serve) – $4.59

Sundae (Hand Scooped) – $4.59

Cappuccino Chiller – $4.19 (Small)

Cappuccino Chiller – $4.69 (Regular)

Cappuccino Chiller – $5.09 (Large)

Shakes & Malts – $4.19 (Small)

Shakes & Malts – $4.69 (Regular)

Shakes & Malts – $5.09 (Large)

Sorbet Fizz – $3.59 (Small)

Sorbet Fizz – $4.09 (Regular)

Sorbet Fizz – $4.49 (Large)

Banana Split (Soft Serve) – $4.89

Banana Split (Hand Scooped) – $4.89

Frappe Chiller – $4.19 (Small)

Frappe Chiller – $4.69 (Regular)

TCBY Take Home

Hand Scooped – $4.59 (Pint)

Hand Scooped – $6.49 (Quart)

Deep Dish Pie (Single Pie) – $20.99

Round Crunch Cake – $17.99 (Small)

Round Layer Cake – $23.99 (Medium)

Round Crunch Cake – $23.99 (Medium)

Cake – $32.99 (Regular)

TCBY Promotions and Specials

Available in participating locations

(New) Pink Lemonade Sorbet

(New) Watermelon Sorbet

(New) Sorbet Fizzes

(New) Banana Split

The History of Tcby

Founded by Frank D. Hickingbotham in 1981, the first TCBY made its appearance in Little Rock, Arkansas. As if being held captive by the allure of frozen yogurts, TCBY quickly built a massive following of customers; the rise of TCBY was so rapid that by 1984, they already had over 100 outlets opened. If you’re new to TCBY and still don’t know what it stands for, let us enlighten you. It actually stands for The Country’s Best Yogurt. True to its name, the TCBY menu has become so prominent that it’s still one of the largest frozen yogurt retailers in the US despite the waves of closing in 2011. 

Reach Out to TCBY’s in the USA

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FAQs of Tcby

  • Is TCBY’s frozen yogurt healthier than regular ice cream?

Yes, TCBY’s frozen yogurts are a healthier alternative to ice cream as it contains probiotics and active cultures that benefit the body’s immune system, digestive health and bones.

  • What did TCBY originally stand for?

TCBY didn’t always stand for “The Country’s Best Yogurt”, and had stood for “This Can’t Be Yogurt!” until 1984.

  • What is TCBY’s most popular yogurt flavor?

As a variety of flavors are available in TCBY, the best flavor would depend entirely on the individual’s preference. Even then, one of the most popular yogurt flavor based on customer reviews would be the White Chocolate Mousse.

  • Is TCBY’s yogurt really yogurt?

If you’re worried that TCBY uses artificial yogurt, you can rest assured that they do use real yogurt, which is not only great taste but also fiber, protein, calcium, Vitamin D.

  • What is a TCBY Shiver?

A Shiver is one of the many iconic delights in TCBY. It is essentially frozen yogurt swirled and blended with your choice of toppings.

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