Top 5 Irresistible Starbucks Cups (2021)

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Each year, Starbucks dazzles the world with their releases of stylish mugs, cups and tumblers that are both beautiful and reusable. They have been doing this for as long as we can remember and are showing no signs of stopping. And why should they?

Call it a sales tactic or advertising gimmick- we don’t care. The world doesn’t seem to mind either. These beautifully crafted Starbucks cups are extremely coveted. So much so that they have risen to a collectors’ item level, sparking bid wars among fans clamoring to own the latest limited edition cups.

Moreover, some of these collectibles are made even more desirable because they are only released in specific countries. But thanks to the good old internet, fans can easily purchase these rare overseas collectibles online.

Image Credit: Starbucks

From festive to sleek, and sometimes just downright adorable, these premium drinkware are usually released according to a theme. All the more reason to collect them!

It wasn’t easy, but we managed to narrow down five of the most irresistible Starbucks cups released in 2021. We’ve also included links to where you can buy them!


Top 5 Irresistible Starbucks Cups

1. Siren Tails Glass Mug (Limited Edition)

Image Credit: creationbyAleman on Etsy

In case you didn’t know, Starbucks turned 50 this year! To celebrate, they released an absolutely gorgeous, siren-themed line of drinkware that left the world breathless. 

Out of the entire collection, there was one particular cup that caught our eye – the siren tails glass mug. This intricate glass cup is part transparent and part covered in a mermaid tail pattern outlined by shimmering gold lines. 

What’s gorgeous about it is the ombre-like arrangement of green. Starting from a pale sage, it slowly turns into a regal dark green as it reaches the bottom of the cup. With the whole half-transparent-half-fins pattern, we are definitely getting some major mermaid vibes from this beauty!

Image Credit: rheafrank on Instagram

This limited edition 50th anniversary glass cup is available for you to purchase online on platforms such as Etsy. Hurry up, though, while stocks last.


2. Black Matte Studded Venti Tumbler

Image Credit: sbux_less on Instagram

It’s back! While it is low-key creepy, this Starbucks cup is also hauntingly beautiful because of the never-ending studs and the full-black matte design. Even the Starbucks siren logo has been covered black. This uniquely designed cup was first released as part of Starbucks’ Halloween-themed collectibles in 2019.

Image Credit: therealdunnwives on Instagram

However, the black matte studded tumblers were released along with Starbucks’ Valentine’s Day line-up this year. Yes, it did look a little out of place beside all the sweet red and pink kiss designs. Understandably, we were a little confused at this marketing decision.

Luckily, fans who vowed to never love again were clearly pleased that there was something for them too. You can get this studded beauty online on sites like Amazon.

3. Earth Day Reusable Plastic Hot Cup (Limited Edition)

Image Credit: starbucks_cups_usa

One major concern when it comes to ordering coffee has always been the guilt of creating extra waste. Well, now you can indulge your caffeine addiction guilt-free! 

Starbucks has released this minimalistic mint-green hot cup to reflect their green efforts in conjunction with Earth Day this April. If you look closely, you can make out the image of a calming sunrise across a field of coffee beans.

Image Credit: SimpleBeautybyAriel on Etsy

Not only is it soothing to look at, you can also soothe your worries about it being destroyed in the dishwasher because it’s 100% top-shelf dishwasher-safe. Just don’t stick it in the microwave, for obvious reasons.

The cold cup version of this eco-friendly series is also available. You can find both of them on online stores like Etsy.

4. Bee Mine Valentine’s Day Stainless Steel Cold Straw Cup

Image Credit: Starbucks

Only released in Asia Pacific regions, this bee-themed collection boasts uber sweet and dainty designs that are just too cute for words. It even has a bear in a bee outfit keychain called the Starbucks Bearista Bear for sale.

With words like “Won’t you bee mine?” written in cursive on it, how can you not do everything in your power to snag one of these? You could make a certain someone in your life very happy with these coveted collectibles.

Image Credit: mermaidsandmocha on Instagram

You can find people selling straw cups and tumblers from this limited edition collection on eBay. You should get it soon or you might ‘bee’ sorry you missed your chance (sorry, we had to).

5. Happy Hedgehog Collection Tumbler

Image Credit: starbucks_lovelover on Instagram

Everything from this collection is #adorbs! With Hong Kong and Macau as their targeted released locations, fans in other countries could only wait patiently for these cuties to make their way to online stores.

Colors like sandy beige, turquoise and brick orange dominate this collection. Printed on these Starbucks cups are the cutest desert-themed drawings of cacti, flowers and hedgehogs.

Image Credit: starbucks_lovelover on Instagram

You can’t help but feel a little bit of that cheerful desert sun in your heart whenever you catch a glimpse of these tumblers. That’s the mood you’re going to need while you go through that WFH routine.

Definitely one of the more irresistible Starbucks cups collections, this lineup is currently available online. You can find the hedgehog tumbler from sites like eBay here.

There you have it! These were our absolute favorite irresistible Starbucks cups released in 2021. Need some coffee to fill your new cups? Check out our article on Starbucks’ menu and price list. For more interesting reads on your favorite restaurants, be sure to check out our LokaEats home page!



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