How to Order Pizza Hut Delivery Online in the US

Pizza Hut Delivery USA

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about the world’s largest pizza company, Pizza Hut. Cookie pizzas, sure. The Italian-American chain has over 16,796 restaurants and delivery outlets across the board. 

Good news for us; we can all order Pizza Hut delivery whenever the cravings strike. Oven-fresh pizzas, cheesy chicken fingers, aromatic pasta—a heavenly combination delivered directly to your doorstep. 

What type of person would say no to that? A weirdough, that’s who.


Where did Pizza Hut originate?

The pizzeria’s story began in 1958 when two brothers Frank and Dan Carney, got the idea to open a pizza parlour in Wichita, Kansas. They started the business with only $600 alongside partner John Bender. 

After renting a small building downtown, they purchased secondhand equipment and quality ingredients for local farmers. The Carney brothers decided to name it Pizza Hut because their sign could only encompass eight letters.


A heartfelt story, indeed. 

On opening night, they gave out free pizzas to gain public interest. Dick Hassur launched the first Pizza Hut franchise in Topeka, Kansas, about a year later. The numbers have grown ever since, never falling short of delivering tasty meals and service.

Order Pizza Hut Delivery Online (USA)

You can spot a Pizza Hut at every corner in the United States; its inviting red roof calling to you. If you want to check the nearest location, click here and find your state. 

Pizza Hut offers several delivery methods, all of which are a breeze. We know what it’s like to be hangry.

Website & Mobile App

Credit: Pizza Hut Nigeria on Facebook

Customers can place orders on the official website and get free delivery with a minimum spend. Of course, the minimum differs in individual restaurants. Be sure to redeem relevant coupons for special deals or promotions, should you have any.
Another way to order delivery online is through the Pizza Hut mobile app. You can easily track your order’s ETA and save your favorite meal for future use. Customize your pizza or remove items with ease!

Order Pizza Hut Delivery via Third-Party

The renowned pizza chain is also partners with reliable third-party delivery services like Uber Eats and Grubhub. All you have to do is key in your address, pick your items, and proceed to payment. You may check out their respective offers as well. 

Lastly, remember to leave your driver/rider a tip!

Kick back, relax, and wait for the doorbell to signal the arrival of mouthwatering food. 
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