Papa Murphy’s Menu & Price List in USA (Update 2021)

Papa Murphy's Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

Image credit: Papa Murphy’s Instagram

All you need to know about Papa Murphy’s Menu USA with pricing and promotions

Unlike the typical pizza experience where they bake the pizza for you in-store, at Papa Murphy’s an entirely different pizza experience is offered, which is the concept of take-and-bake. What this means is that the pizza is made in-store, but they are not baked there.

Instead, customers take their pizza home and bake it themselves. This revolutionary style has allowed Papa Murphy’s to cut down on their expenditures, allowing them to serve delicious pizzas to their customers at a lower price, which is a win-win situation on both parties.

Besides pizzas, Papa Murphy’s also have other delicious treats up its sleeves, having food items such as chocolate chip cookie dough, cheesy bread, cinnamon wheels on their menu.

With such a vast menu, it may get difficult to take note of everything Papa Murphy’s has got to offer. Hence, we have compiled their latest menu with the price for your reference!

Disclaimer: The prices listed below only serve as a general guide at the time of writing. Feel free to visit their official site for the latest information.

Papa Murphy’s Menu and Prices in the USA

Gourmet Delite

Angus Steak & Roast Garlic:

(Thin Crust) – $13.00 (Large), $15.00 (Family)

(Original Crust) – $14.00 (Large), $16.00 (Family)

(Pan Crust) – $15.00 (Large)

Spicy Fennel Sausage:

(Thin Crust) – $13.00 (Large), $15.00 (Family)

(Original Crust) – $14.00 (Large), $16.00 (Family)

(Pan Crust) – $15.00 (Large)

Chicken Bacon Artichoke:

(Thin Crust) – $12.00 (Large), $14.00 (Family)

(Original Crust) – $13.00 (Large), $15.00 (Family)

(Pan Crust) – $14.00 (Large)

Herb Chicken Mediterranean:

(Thin Crust) – $12.00 (Large), $14.00 (Family)

(Original Crust) – $13.00 (Large), $15.00 (Family)

(Pan Crust) – $14.00 (Large)

Gourmet Vegetarian:

(Thin Crust) – $13.00 (Large), $15.00 (Family)

(Original Crust) – $14.00 (Large), $16.00 (Family)

(Pan Crust) – $15.00 (Large)

Thai Chicken:

(Thin Crust) – $12.00 (Large), $14.00 (Family)

(Original Crust) – $13.00 (Large), $15.00 (Family)

(Pan Crust) – $14.00 (Large)


Thin & Original Crust – Family Size Add $2

Cowboy (Thin Crust) – $13.00 (Large), (Original Crust) – $14.00 (Large), (Pan Crust) – $15.00 (Large)

Chicken Garlic (Thin Crust) – $13.00 (Large), (Original Crust) – $14.00 (Large), (Pan Crust) – $15.00 (Large)

Papa’s All Meat (Thin Crust) – $13.00 (Large), (Original Crust) – $14.00 (Large), (Pan Crust) – $15.00 (Large)

Murphy’s Combo (Thin Crust) – $13.00 (Large), (Original Crust) – $14.00 (Large), (Pan Crust) – $15.00 (Large)

Papa’s Favorite (Thin Crust) – $13.00 (Large), (Original Crust) – $14.00 (Large), (Pan Crust) – $15.00 (Large)

Garden Veggie (Thin Crust) – $13.00 (Large), (Original Crust) – $14.00 (Large), (Pan Crust) – $15.00 (Large)


Papa Murphy's menu - stuffed
Image credit: Papa Murphy’s Instagram

The 2-Layer, 4-Pounder. Family Size Add $2

5-Meat – $15.00 (Large)

Chicago-Style – $15.00 (Large)

Chicken Bacon – $15.00 (Large)

Big Murphy’s – $15.00 (Large)

Create Your Own Pizza

Thin, Original & Stuffed Crust – Family Size Add $2


Thin Crust – $8.00 (Large)

Original Crust – $9.00 (Large)

Pan Crust – $10.00 (Large)      

Stuffed – $10.50 (Large)


Gourmet Topping: Angus Steak, Spicy Fennel Sausage, Roast Garlic, Sun-Dried Tomatoes or Artichoke Hearts – $2.00

Meat Topping (Classic): Pepperoni, Chicken, Sausage, Salami, Ground Beef, Bacon or Canadian Bacon – $1.50

Cheese Topping (Classic): Parmesan, Feta or Extra Cheese – $1.50

Veg Topping (Classic): Tomatoes, Pineapple, Mixed Onions, Green Onions, Zucchini, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Mushrooms, Black Olives, Spinach, Garlic, Jalapenos or Green Olives – $1.50

Mini Murph

A Kid’s Size Make ‘N’ Bake Pizza Kit

Pepperoni or Cheese – $3.00 (Kids)

Starters, Sides & Desserts

Thick ‘n’ Cheesy Homebaked Bread – $5.00

Classic Cheesy Bread – $5.00

Garden Salad – $5.00

Signature Salads (Chicken Caesar, Italian, Club or Mediterranean Salad) – $5.00

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – $4.00

Cinnamon Wheel – $4.00

S’ mores Dessert Pizza – $4.00


Soft Drink – $2.25 (2 Liter)

Soft Drink – $1.50 (20 oz.)

Promotions and Specials

Papa Murphy's menu - bbq chicken
Image credit: Papa Murphy’s Facebook

Home-baked pizza with Canadian bacon, pineapple & red sauce (from 13th of July)

Limited time – BBQ Chicken pizza with KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce, chicken, bacon, onion, tomato, mozzarella on our original crust (from 2nd of June)

The History of Papa Murphy’s

Though we may know the flavor of your favorite pizza like the back of your hand, what you probably don’t know is that Papa Murphy’s is a combined product of two pizza chains—Papa Aldo’s Pizza and Murphy’s Pizza, leading to the birth of Papa Murphy’s in 1995. From there, the popularity of Papa Murphy’s rose, their pizzas being so well-received by the public. Papa Murphy’s had even been voted as the “Best Pizza Chain in America” by the Restaurants and Institutions Magazine in 2003. Primarily operating in the United States, and Canada, Papa Murphy boasts having a staggering 1500 locations, this number being a representation of how well Papa Murphy’s is doing today despite its sales dip in the 2017-2018 timeframe.

Reach Out to Papa Murphy’s in the USA

Want to keep up with Papa Murphy’s menu changes and latest promotions? Follow their social media accounts or contact them here:

FAQs of Papa Murphy’s Menu USA

  • Can you freeze a Papa Murphy’s pizza?

Though it’s not commendable, you can still freeze your Papa Murphy’s pizza. When you’re planning to do so, be sure to ask the store to double wrap your pizza, and freeze it as soon as possible. When you’re ready to use the pizza, place it in a refrigerator to thaw for a full 24 hours.

  • Does Papa Murphy’s have a senior discount?

Yes, Papa Murphy’s does have a senior discount, which is as follows: 25% off orders over $20, and $5 off Regular Priced items over $20.

  • Can you grill a Papa Murphy’s pizza?

Yes! Grilling a Papa Murphy’s pizza is one of the best ways to enjoy its great taste. It takes 20–30 minutes on a charcoal, gas or wood pellet grill.

  • Are there eggs in Papa Murphy’s pizza?

Though all of their wheat-based crusts are vegan, the gluten-free crust contains egg, so it isn’t vegan. So if you’re looking for an egg-less crust, be sure to order the wheat-based crust. 

  • What is on Papa Murphy’s Cowboy Pizza?

The Cowboy Pizza is made from a flavorful mix of traditional red sauce, whole-milk mozzarella, premium pepperoni, Italian sausage, sliced mushrooms, black olives, cheddar, and herb and cheese blend.

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