How to Order Panera Bread Delivery Online in the US

Panera Bread Delivery

It may look as dough Panera Bread patrons enjoy the pastries and food better in-store, considering their bread bowls’ beautiful presentation that brim with palatable contents. On the contrary, ordering Panera Bread delivery retains all its remarkable flavors and appeal all the same.


Where did Panera Originate?

The North American sandwich chain dates back to the early ‘80s when a fresh Harvard business school grad named Ron Shaich started a cookie shop in Boston. It was initially called the Cookie Jar until he recognized the need to cater to unsavory folks.

Upon realizing that many of his customers bought baguettes and meat from nearby delis, Shaich took the opportunity to merge with struggling French bakery Au Bon Pain. In 1985, they began selling homemade soups and sandwiches, primarily targeting office workers with rushed lunch breaks. 

Since fast-food chains took centre stage at the time, the elevated-sandwich concept was a more health-conscious option for many. By the ‘90s, the business expanded to include a bakery-café we all know as Panera Bread.

Panera Bread Goes Public

In 1991, the company went public and continued its expeditious expansion. Shaich decided to sell Au Bon Pain in 1999 to focus solely on Panera and sought to build a franchise of cozy cafés serving guilt-free nourishments. 

Shaich famously claimed that fast food had become ‘nutritional cocaine.’ Thus, he actively set out to develop a good environment where people can hold meetings and enjoy good food.

Credit: Panera Bread on Facebook

Ways to Order Panera Bread Delivery Online (USA)

If you’re ever in the mood for fluffy fresh-baked pastries or tantalizing flatbreads and pasta, we’ve got all your Panera Bread delivery needs covered. First, here is a list of locations available in the United States. 

With the myriad of outlets out there, rest assured you won’t miss out on these delicacies. 

Ordering through Google Platforms

Recently, Panera Bread announced a new digital ordering capability via Google search, Maps, and Google Assistant. Customers who don’t have the time to dine on-premise can now opt for contactless delivery and curbside pickup! 

All you have to do is type ‘Panera near me’ on Google search or Maps to find the closest participating location. Furthermore, prospective customers can also say “Hey Google, find Panera near me” on any Google Assistant-enabled phone, and a prompt to order will automatically pop up on your screen. 

Rapid Ordering with Geofencing Technology

Now, on to an even cooler method of ordering Panera Bread delivery. This contactless geofencing technology allows customers to choose their preferred curbside pickup when ordering on the Panera website or mobile app. 

Then, simply list the make, model and color of your car in the special instructions. When you drive to the fast-casual restaurant for collection, a staff member will bring the food to your vehicle. 

Don’t worry about calling to alert them of your arrival because the geofencing WiFi technology extends as far as the parking lot, notifying employees whenever customers arrive.

Credit: Panera Bread on Facebook

Ordering Panera Bread Delivery via Third-Party 

Finally, we all know about the national delivery services DoorDash, Grubhub and Uber Eats. Consumers can easily use all three apps to order Panera Bread delivery for lunch and dinner. 

You will receive your order right at your doorstep, mostly by Panera’s in-house delivery drivers. Through these partnerships, the bakery-café can reach its fan across the nation without compromising its overall guest experience. 

If we’ve piqued your interest, check out Panera’s menu and prices or visit LokaEats for more food delivery articles!



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