How to Order Olive Garden Delivery Online USA

Olive Garden Delivery

Freshly baked breadsticks, crisp garden salad, homemade soups, classic Lasagnas and Fettuccine; it’s no wonder Olive Garden is an American favourite! When it comes to Italian food, people may suggest that we go to Italy to explore the traditional delights of Italian cuisines. But since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, who’s to say we can’t enjoy an equally delectable meal?

Here at Olive Garden, it offers one of the best places for a casual dining experience specialising in Italian-American cuisines. While we used to come to Olive Garden with our families, friends and dates, we can also enjoy their wholesome food at home in our pyjamas!

You heard that right! Though the pandemic is looming over us, we can still enjoy some delicious Italian-inspired meals from the comfort of our home with Olive Garden’s delivery services.


Family Bundle Meals at Olive Garden

Credit: Olive Garden on Facebook

Take a break from cooking today and order Olive Garden’s Family Bundle Meals to share with your household! Get a taste of their Family-Style Lasagna Bundle and the Famous Jumbo Salad that could serve up to six people. Think that’s not enough for your big family? Don’t worry; their Large Family-Style Lasagna could serve up to 12 people. Now that’s what we call a feast.

That’s not all. You can also indulge in delicious pasta, soups and other Italian classics with the Family-Size Pans, which could serve up to six people too. Get a load of their Fettuccine Alfredo, Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce, Chicken Scampi, Cheese Ravioli, Lasagnas, Soups and more!

Freshly Baked Breadsticks

Credit: Olive Garden on Facebook

Your Olive Garden experience won’t be complete if you have not tried their iconic, freshly baked breadsticks! It is openly an Olive Garden favourite. You could also get different portions of breadsticks on your online order. For example, customers could opt for the ½ a dozen or a dozen baked breadsticks.

Furthermore, you can order their unbaked breadsticks too. Don’t worry; it’s pretty simple to bake these breadsticks yourself. All you have to do is preheat your oven to 450°F and bake the breadsticks for about 6-8 minutes until they’re golden brown. Finish up by brushing the breadsticks with melted butter and sprinkle generously with garlic salt.

Don’t Forget Dessert!

Credit: Olive Garden on Facebook

With all the delicious food you have just ordered, we doubt you’ll still have space for desserts. But if you do, we recommend you get a taste of their sweet treats, especially the Zeppoli, otherwise known as their Warm Italian Doughnuts. 

This dessert is a deep-fried, sugar-coated dough with a side of chocolate dipping sauce. Doesn’t that sound lovely? Indeed, this warm and chewy dessert may be what you need to finish off your flavourful feast.

That’s not all they have to offer when it comes to desserts! You could give also try their Tiramisu, Black Tie Mousse Cake, Chocolate Lasagna and more!

How to Order Olive Garden Delivery Online USA

Okay, now that we got your attention on what Olive Garden has to offer, we’re pretty sure you’re ready to order your next meal from them soon. Here are some platforms for you to check out so you can easily order Olive Garden’s delivery online:

Website and Mobile App

Customers can order their favourite Italian-inspired meals from Olive Garden’s official website. All you have to do is key in your delivery address, and the website will select an Olive Garden restaurant closest to you based on your location. Then, set the delivery date and time. If the time and date you picked are unavailable for delivery, that means the time slot you chose is full. 

After that, you can select the food items you want into your cart, proceed to checkout and make your payment. When all that is done, you can sit back, relax and wait for your feast to arrive at your doorsteps. Do take note that there is a minimum order of $50 for delivery before tax, and you can order by 5 pm if you want to make a lunch delivery the next day.

You can also check out Olive Garden’s Facebook page to see pictures of their specialities and what other people think of their food.

Credit: Olive Garden on Facebook

Customers can download the Olive Garden Italian Kitchen mobile app from the Apple app store or the Google Play Store to make their orders. The steps to order from the mobile app are straightforward and similar to how you order from the website.

Olive Garden Delivery via Third-Party

If you prefer using third-party delivery services for their exclusive offers and promotions, you’re in luck! That’s because you could savour Olive Garden’s food through delivery platforms such as Grubhub. Although Olive Garden is not partnering with many third-party delivery services like other eateries, their in-house delivery and the use of Grubhub should be good enough to satisfy your Italian food cravings!

What are You Waiting For?

There you have it, folks. Did we hear your tummy rumbling for some Italian delicacies? Wait no more and order some Olive Garden delights now! It’s never been easier with their convenient delivery services. Keep yourself safe and comfortable by dining from the comfort of your own home. 

If you’re curious about more food menus and tasty recipes, don’t forget to check out LokaEats now for helpful food guides and eateries with delivery services.



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