What’s on McDonald’s Secret Menu USA (2022)

McDonald’s Secret Menu USA

Have you ever found yourself running late to work and hungry but also wanting to save a few bucks? What may come into your mind at that time? Probably fast food, of course. And where else to get quick, cheap and tasty burgers if not at McDonald’s?

Yes, you’ve probably had McDonald’s or seen its logo at least a few times in your life. Its wide array of burgers, snacks, and combo sets always make us come back for more. We frequent McDonald’s not just for the taste they offer, but also for the convenience.

However, in all your years of visiting this eatery, do you know there is a whole other world, a world of secret menu items lurking behind the usual meals you ordered? What delectable adventures await you as you stray from your regular orders to these secret ones?

With that said, let us help you kickstart your food exploration with the McDonald’s secret menu.

McDonald’s Secret Menu and Prices

We’re just as surprised as you are when we found out McDonald’s have a whole list of menu items we’ve never heard of! Hence, we’ve decided to do you a favour and compile all of the McDonald’s secret menu in this list right here:

Big McChicken$6.99 (with Big Mac) / $4.00 (with McDouble)
The Land, Sea and Air Burger$8.49 (with Big Mac) / $5.49 (with McDouble)
The Monster Mac$6.49
The 2 Cheeseburger Meal$4.69
The McGangBang$2.00
The Mc10:35$3.49
The McKinley Mac$4.49
The Chicken McGriddle$1.99
The McCrepe$3.49
Big Mac Sauce FriesFree

McDonald’s Desserts Secret Menu

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ItemPrice (Small)Price (Medium)Price (Large)
Neapolitan Shake$1.99$2.49$2.89
The Pie McFlurry$2.69 (snack size)$.3.39 (regular)

McDonald’s Secret Menu Breakdown

Now we’re pretty sure you have tons of questions by now about this secret menu. What on earth are they? How would they taste? How are they different from the regular McDonald’s menu? Don’t fret; we’re here to help! Here’s a brief breakdown of what each of this secret menu item is:


1. Big McChicken

Remember KFC’s “Double Down” Burger that uses two pieces of fried chicken fillet instead of the burger bun? Well, McDonald’s Big McChicken is similar to that where it packs beef between the McChicken patties. You could fill either a Big Mac or a McDouble between the meat too. Overall, if you’re a meat-lover, then this burger might be well for you!

2. The Land, Sea and Air Burger

This secret menu item is another option for all the meat-lovers out there. This Land, Sea and Air Burger combines every meat element such as beef, fish, and chicken to form a towering burger. Warning: You’d probably be too full to move around after having it. Think you can conquer it? Why not give it a try today!

3. The Monster Mac

You might want to prepare yourself if you’re planning to order this dish because the Monster Mac consists of eight patties packed into a burger. Can you handle all that meat? If you think you can, then go for the Monster Mac; but please, don’t have it in a regular ordeal!

4. The 2 Cheeseburger Meal

This secret menu item was once listed in McDonald’s’ old menu. It is a hearty meal made up of two cheeseburgers, fries and a drink. It is also relatively cheaper than other menu items, so customers can enjoy this meal without spending too much.


5. The McGangBang

The McGangBang is another tasty meat burger to satisfy your hunger as it is a combination of the McDouble and the McChicken. You can make this burger yourself by placing the McChicken in between the beef patties too. 

6. The Mc10:35

Hmm, what an interesting name, isn’t it? There’s a genius reason behind that name because the Mc10:35 is a secret menu item that is only available between 10 am to 11 am. It is a savoury breakfast-lunch combination that puts together the Egg McMuffin and the McDouble. This simple do-it-yourself burger would be great for brunch as well.

7. The McKinley Mac

This item is pretty simple: it’s a Big Mac, but bigger! You can get the McKinley Mac by ordering two quarter-pounder patties instead of the regular ones they serve with the usual Big Mac. We hope you’re hungry while eating this because you’d need some space in your tummy for all that delectable goodness.

8. The Chicken McGriddle

The Chicken McGriddle dish is a simple meal made out of McDonald’s biscuits covered in sausage gravy. If you’d like something light and easy from the eatery, then this warm and soft dish could hit the spot! However, do take note that this dish has limited availability and is more tailored toward the South.

9. The McCrepe

If you have a sweet tooth, then the McCrepe is a dish worth trying! With every order of this item, you get to indulge in a plate of hotcakes with a fruit-and-yoghurt parfait. But keep in mind that this do-it-yourself secret menu item is only available during McDonald’s’ breakfast hours.

10. Big Mac Sauce Fries

Here’s a sauce you’ve pro10bably never heard of yet. Customers can order the Big Mac Sauce to go along with their fries for a flavourful dining experience. If you’re the type of person that pairs your fries with ketchup and want to switch things up a little bit, why not give this sauce a try?

11. Neapolitan Shake

Why have a one-flavoured milkshake when you can combine all three of them? Customers can create a Neapolitan Shake by combining the strawberry, chocolate and vanilla milkshake. Now that sounds like a delicious way to finish off your meal.

12. The Pie McFlurry

You’ve probably tried dipping your fries in the McDonald’s Sundae Cone before (if you have not, you should!). But have you tried dumping a whole McDonald’s pie into your ice cream? It’s time you give it a shot! Rest assured, you’d get a delicious hot-and-cold combination when the warmth of the sweet pie hits the cold McFlurry.

Credits: McDonald’s

After letting you in on McDonald’s’ secret menu items, does that stir up your curiosity to try out these dishes? Well, you know what they say, you’ll never know if you’ll like it unless you try! Who knows, maybe you’ll be “lovin’ it”. 

If you’re ever planning to make a trip down to McDonald’s for their secret menu, be sure to do a little check to see if the product is available in your region or if there is a specific time you need to order the item. Remember, you can’t get the Mc10:35 burger at noon.

If you’d like to know more about what other eateries offer on their menu, check us out at LokaEats now for more articles on food guides and recipes!



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