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Ledo Pizza Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

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Ledo Pizza Menu USA with price list and promotions (Updated 2021)

If you’re a huge fan of pizzas and would like to experience a unique pizza experience; it’s time to check out the Ledo Pizza Menu USA! This pizzeria is most famous for its square-sized pizzas, which is very rare nowadays.

Moreover, the items they offer are all affordable as well. If we’ve caught your attention, feel free to read on for the complete menu and price list!

Disclaimer: These prices are for reference purposes only. You may visit the official website for any updates and changes.

Ledo Pizza USA Menu with Prices

Starters & Appetizers

Spicy Toasted Ravioli$4.39
Chicken & Artichoke Bruschetta$5.29
Baked Cheese Fries$4.39
Mozzarella Sticks$4.39
Ledo Breadsticks$1.59
Chicken Tenders & Fries$4.99
French Fries$1.29
Garlic Bread$2.49
Ledo Italian Wedding Soup A Ledo$2.99
Soup Of The Day$2.99
Wings$5.29 – $12.49


Each entree salad served with a generous side of dressing. Choose from Ledo house romano cheese & herb, honey mustard, lite ranch, Italian vinaigrette, blue cheese or oil & vinegar. Additional dressing $0.50.

Chicken & Artichoke Salad$6.99
Steak & Blue Cheese Salad$6.99
Italian Salad$4.99
Buffalo Chicken Salad$6.99
Hot Grilled Chicken Salad$6.99
Tossed Salad$2.69


Image credit: Ledo Pizza Instagram

Our burgers are 1/2 pound of all American USDA approved beef served on a freshly baked gourmet roll. Unless specified burgers come with lettuce, tomato & mayo. Build your own burger, see the condiments & extras to the left.

Bacon Blue Burger$6.49
Bbq Bacon Cheeseburger$6.49
South Street Burger$5.99


All dinners served with garlic bread. Enjoy a tossed salad with any entree for $2.69.

Cheese Ravioli$6.49
Ledo Lasagna$7.59
Chicken & Broccoli Fettuccini Alfredo$7.59
Fettuccini Alfredo$6.59
Blue Cheese Carbonara$7.59
Chicken Milanese$7.59
Veal Milanese$8.49
Chicken Parmesan$7.59
Veal Parmesan$8.49

Ledo Pizza

Homemade sauce. Homemade dough made to order.

Plain$4.99 – $11.95
1 Item$5.59 – $13.20
2 Items$6.19 – $14.45
3 Items$6.79 – $15.70
4 – 6 Items$7.99 – $18.20
Extra Item$0.60 – $1.25
Pizza Toppings: artichoke hearts, black olives,
broccoli florets, extra cheese, green peppers,
jalapenos, mushrooms, hamburger, onions,
pineapple anchovies, bacon, ham, salami,
sausage, meatballs, pepperoni, roasted

Specialty Pizzas

New Wave Pizza$6.79 – $15.70
Buffalo Pizza$6.19 – $14.45
Buffalo Pizza$6.79 – $15.70
Veggie Pizza$6.79 – $15.70
Meat Lovers$6.79 – $15.70
Hawaiian Pizza$6.19 – $14.45
Ledo Deluxe$7.99 – $18.20
Delight Pizza$7.99 – $18.20

Calzones & Ledo Stromboli

Our famous, flaky crust is rolled and filled with melted provolone cheese and your selection of filling. All calzones and strombolis are handmade to order. Please allow us extra time to make it perfect.

Meat Lovers$6.49
Ledo Stromboli$6.19


South Street Cheese Steak$5.99
Grilled Chicken Sub$5.69
Famous Ledo Steak & Cheese$5.69
Italian Chicken Sub$5.99
Meatball & Cheese$5.69
Chicken Parmesan Sub$5.69
Veal Parmesan Sub$6.29
Club Sub$5.69
Turkey Bacon Ranch Sub$5.69
Buffalo Steak & Cheese$5.99
Italian Cold Cut$5.69

Just the Way You Like It!

Condiments: mayo, ketchup, mustard, bbq sauce,
oil & vinegar
Toppings: red onions, grilled red onions, tomatoes,
hot pepper relish, lettuce.
The Works$1.00

Kaiser Kombos

A little lighter portion with a little more variety. All sandwiches served on a freshly baked kaiser roll with your choice of crisp tossed salad or a generous bowl of soup.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich$6.49
Chicken & Artichoke Salad Sandwich$6.49
Turkey Bacon Ranch Sandwich$6.49

Latest Promotion at Ledo Pizza USA

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The History of Ledo Pizza

Ledo Pizza’s history started way back in the year 1955. The first ever restaurant was established in Adelphi, Maryland. It was a famous fast food chain among college students and locals in that area.

The restaurant continued to grow, expanding more stores all around the US. This brand currently has over 100 locations now.

Reach Out to Ledo Pizza USA

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FAQs of Ledo Pizza Menu USA

  • Where can I order delivery for Ledo Pizza?

Ledo Pizza has a few delivery partners such as Grubhub, Ubereats and DoorDash. You can also check out their online ordering here.

  • Are half-baked pizzas available in Ledo Pizza?

Yes, they do!

  • Is Ledo Pizza halal?

Unfortunately, no, it isn’t. The meatballs in Ledo Pizza are made with a blend of pork and beef.

  • Where can I view the nutritional information for the products in Ledo Pizza?

You can view it here.

  • Is there a mobile app for Ledo Pizza?

Yes, you can download the app on either the App Store or Google Play.

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