Krispy Kreme Menu & Price List in USA (Update 2021)

Krispy Kreme Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

Image credit: Krispy Kreme Instagram

The Complete and Updated Krispy Kreme Menu with Prices (2021)

USA is famous for a lot of things; that includes the abundance of fast food chains and restaurants available here. One restaurant which still remains legendary to this day is Krispy Kreme – widely popular for its diverse menu with delicious doughnuts.

When one thinks of doughnuts, this place will surely come to mind – especially for its Original Glazed doughnut! If you’re planning to stop by, come and take a look at Krispy Kreme Menu USA beforehand:

Disclaimer: The prices listed below only serve as a general guide at the time of writing. Feel free to visit their official site for the latest information.

Krispy Kreme Menu with Prices


Original Glazed1pc.$0.99
Original GlazedDozen$7.99
Assorted Varieties1pc.$1.09
Assorted VarietiesDozen$8.99
Specialty Doughnut1pc.$1.29
Specialty DoughnutsDozen$11.39
Double Dozen Deal – Original Glazed and Assorted Varieties2 Dozen$14.99
Doughnut HolesCup$1.99
Doughnut Holes24 pack$3.99
Doughnut Holes48 pack$5.99

Hot Beverages

Coffee Blends (Smooth, Rich, or Decaf)Small$1.59
Coffee Blends (Smooth, Rich, or Decaf)Medium$1.79
Coffee Blends (Smooth, Rich, or Decaf)Large$1.89
Brew Box96 oz.$11.99
Bagged Coffee12 oz.$7.99
Latte or CappuccinoSmall$2.49
Latte or CappuccinoMedium$2.99
Latte or CappuccinoLarge$3.49
Hot ChocolateSmall$2.39
Hot ChocolateMedium$2.69
Hot ChocolateLarge$2.99
Hot TeaSmall$1.59
Hot TeaMedium$1.79
Hot TeaLarge$1.99

Espresso (Hot or Iced)

Mocha, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, or
Hazelnut Latte
Mocha, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, or
Hazelnut Latte
Mocha, Caramel Latte, Vanilla Latte, or
Hazelnut Latte


Fruity Flavors – Lemonade or Strawberry
(Limited Time)
Fruity Flavors – Lemonade or Strawberry
(Limited Time)
Fruity Flavors – Lemonade or Strawberry
(Limited Time)

Cold Beverages

Soft DrinkSmall$1.39
Soft DrinkMedium$1.59
Soft DrinkLarge$1.79
Bottled Soda $1.79
Bottled Water $1.79
Bottled Juice $1.79

Iced Beverages

Image credit: Krispy Kreme
Iced TeaSmall$1.39
Iced TeaMedium$1.59
Iced TeaLarge$1.79
Iced CoffeeSmall$1.89
Iced CoffeeLarge$2.19
Bottled Iced Coffee $2.49
Frozen Lattees – Mocha, Caramel Latte
or Vanilla Latte (Limited Time)
Small                     $2.99
Frozen Lattees – Mocha, Caramel Latte
or Vanilla Latte (Limited Time)
Frozen Lattees – Mocha, Caramel Latte
or Vanilla Latte (Limited Time)

Kool Kreme

Image credit: Krispy Kreme Twitter
Cones (Very Vanilla or Deep Chocolate)$1.69
Doughnut Sundaes$3.39

The History of Krispy Kreme

The history behind Krispy Kreme is an interesting one. It started when a boy named Vernon Rudolph worked for his uncle at a small grocery store. He worked there with his brother, Lewis Rudolph. His uncle’s store was popular for its delicious doughnuts.

Then, it had inspired Vernon Rudolph to open up his own business – that was how Krispy Kreme was born! Krispy Kreme was founded on July 13 in the year 1937. In the 1940s and 1950s, Krispy Kreme continued to develop; by 1970s, the brand was already successful with over 60 locations. Even after all the years, one thing still remained – the legendary glazed doughnut. Sadly, Vernon Rudolph passed away in 1973; hence the brand became Beatrice Foods’ subsidiary. 

Krispy Kreme went through a rapid expansion in the 1990s. Then, in the 2000s, the brand went international; opening stores outside of the US.

Reach Out to Krispy Kreme USA

For any further enquiries or updates and promos from Krispy Kreme, follow or subscribe to them on their social media accounts here:

FAQs of Krispy Kreme Menu USA

  • Is Krispy Kreme halal?

Yes, it is certified halal.

  • Does Krispy Kreme deliver?

Yes it does. You may order delivery through GrubHub. Find out more here.

  • Does Krispy Kreme do curbside pickup?

Yes, it does. All you have to do is order through their official website or app.

  • Is Krispy Kreme based in the US only?

No, you can find Krispy Kreme in over 1000 other locations worldwide.

  • Are the doughnuts in Krispy Kreme suitable for vegetarians?

Yes, they are suitable for vegetarians.

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