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Kopitiam NYC menu

Kopitiam NYC Menus USA with pricing and the latest promotions. All you need to know about Kopitiam NYC

Kopitiam, or coffee house, is a part of Malaysian culture. People stay to enjoy delicious meals and discuss local news, and it is a hotspot for soccer enthusiasts during FIFA World Cup tournaments.  

Kopitiam NYC is the only spot where you can experience Malaysian Kopitiam culture in New York City. It specializes in Nyonya cuisine, which is a combination of Malay and Chinese cooking. You can view their menu to have an idea of Malaysian food. 

Disclaimer: The following menu and price list are for reference. Please refer to Kopitiam NYC’s official website for a detailed description of the menu. 


Kopitiam NYC Menu & Prices

Kopitiam Special(s)

MenuPrice ($)
Sotong Goreng 9.00
Lychee Bandung (Iced)4.50
Kopitiam Sunrise (Iced)4.50

Malaysian Breakfast

MenuPrice ($)
Nasi Lemak

        Extra: sambal

Kaya Butter Toast6.00
Malaysian Style Half Boiled Eggs4.00
Fish Ball Soup

        Extra: vermicelli noodles

Malaysian Style Milo French Toast8.00
Malaysian Style Egg French Toast8.00
Malaysian Style Peanut Sugar French Toast8.00
Pan Mee (choice of dry or with soup)13.00


MenuPrice ($)
Curry Puff3.00
Pandan Chicken7.00
Pulut Panggang7.00
Otak Otak6.00
Belachan Wings8.00
Chicken Jerky Bun7.00
Nyonya Bak Zhang7.00
Bowl of Coconut Rice2.00
Bowl of Chicken Fat Rice4.00


MenuPrice ($)
Nasi Lemak

        Extra: sambal

Chilled Spicy Sesame Noodles8.00
Pan Mee (choice of dry or with soup)13.00
Oh Chien12.00
Hainanese Chicken Rice13.50
Criss Cross ‘Shrooms’13.50
Tok Tok Mee13.00
Stinky Beans10.00
Sambal Sauteed Water spinach10.00
Garlic Sauteed Water spinach10.00

Kuih and Sweets

MenuPrice ($)
Pulut Inti3.50
Pulut Tai Tai3.50
Kuih Talam5.00
Ondeh Ondeh3.50
Honeycomb Cake5.00
Kuih Lapis3.50
Penang-style Hand-rolled Muah Chee 6.50
Sago Gula Melaka4.50
Milky Rose Lychee Mochi6.00

Drinks (extra 0.50 for iced drinks)

MenuPrice ($)
Hor KaShai4.50
Kopi Tarik4.25
Kopi-C Kosong4.00
Kopi-Chee (hot only)4.25

History of Kopitiam NYC

Chef Kyo Pang, a Nyonya descendant, established Kopitiam NYC in Broadway. His wish is to introduce Nyonya and Malaysian cuisine to New York City with his own family recipes. 

To maintain the Malaysian food culture, Chef Kyo Pang gets his ingredients from Malaysia and local markets. Hence, it is a restaurant where people can enjoy food with no preservatives or artificial products.

Reach Out to Kopitiam NYC

Kopitiam NYC is available on the following social media platform. Subscribe to learn more about the latest updates and news. 


FAQs of Kopitiam NYC

1. Is Kopitiam NYC halal-certified?
Unfortunately, Kopitiam NYC’s meat dishes are not halal-certified. But this does not stop you from trying out their vegan options.

2. Does Kopitiam NYC take reservations?
Kopitiam NYC does not take reservations.

3. Can I order food from Kopitiam online?
You can make your food order from Grubhub.

4. Is Kopitiam vegan-friendly?
Kopitiam offers vegan choices. You can visit their official website to look for vegan-labelled choices.

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