How to Order Jack in the Box Delivery Online in the US

Jack in the Box Delivery

Remember when a giant, spooky clown sat atop the roof taking orders? Before you fret, rest assured that a Jack in the Box clown won’t be enacting your delivery. 

Anyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows this popular fast-food chain. Well, anyone who doesn’t live under a rock in the West Coast and South West United States, that is.

This joint serves all-day breakfast—a dream, indeed—burgers, tacos, sandwiches, salads and even egg rolls. Aside from 24/7 drive-through, you can order Jack in the Box delivery in a number of ways.


Where did Jack in the Box originate?

The American fast-food franchise has quite an eccentric and controversial history. You might want to hang on to your hamburger for this.

In 1951, Robert O. Peterson founded Jack in the Box in San Diego, Calif. Back then, his other restaurants were named Oscar’s and featured a circus-like theme. Peterson renamed the first location after the trademark starry-eyed clown and converted it into a hamburger stand. 

Pioneering drive-through services, the stand had a two-way intercom setup mounted inside a plastic clown. A sign stating ‘Pull forward, Jack will speak to you’ beckoned customers forward, a gimmick much ahead of its time.

Credit: Jack in the Box on Facebook

Soon after, all Oscar’s restaurants became Jack in the Box with intercom systems. The fast-food joint expanded to over 2,200 outlets and saw many disasters and changes throughout the years since.

Order Jack in the Box Delivery

Customers can still engage their drive-through services, but operating hours were modified by location due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Feel free to find your nearest outlet here.

Website & Mobile App

If you wish to order Jack in the Box delivery through the website, all you must do is enter your address or click ‘Find My Location.’ It will then direct you to the third-party services available in your region. 

Moreover, you may download their mobile app on both the App Store and Google Play. You can choose self-pickup or delivery and even get 25% off first in-app purchases. While VIP members enjoy perks like skipping the line, regular members can also utilize the app for exclusive deals. 

Those who fancy Jack in the Box as their go-to can customize and save their favorite orders. This level of convenience allows busy patrons to order yummy meals at the tap of a finger. 

Jack in the Box Delivery via Third-Party

Take advantage of third-party apps, including DoorDashGrubhubPostmates, and Uber Eats, all of which are partners with the franchise. Do note that these delivery services are limited to specific regions, so check your location on the site before downloading.

Either way, each method grants its respective offers and promotions. Find out which is the best for you, and get in on the deliciousness now!

Credit: Jack in the Box on Facebook

Whether you’re amidst a lecture or meeting, Jack in the Box delivery has your energy fuel covered. Besides, hiding a burger behind your textbook definitely makes it all the more interesting. 

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