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In-N-Out Burger Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

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In-N-Out Burger Menu USA with Prices & Promotions (Updated 2022)

In-N-Out Burger Menu USA items are no strangers to fellow burger lovers. This burger brand is known for serving a variety of tasty burgers made of the freshest ingredients.

Besides, In-N-Out Burger also makes an ideal event partner, thanks to the unique cookout trucks! In this article, you will discover all useful information about In-N-Out Burger, including the menu with prices, promotions, history, and more. Check it out!

Disclaimer: This price list only serves as a reference and may be subjected to change. Feel free to visit the official website for any updates.


In-N-Out Burger USA Menu and Prices

Not So Secret Menu

3 x 3 Burger$4.45
4 x 4 Burger$5.50
Animal Style Fries$3.40
Cheese Fries$3.10
Flying Dutchman$2.10
Grilled Cheese$2.35
Neapolitan Milkshake$2.10
Root Beer Float$2.10
Ultimate Animal Style Fries$4.20

Burgers & Fries

Double-Double Burger$3.45
French Fries$1.60


Image credit: In-N-Out Burger Instagram

Combos Include French Fries and Medium Drink

Double-Double Burger$6.70


Soft Drink Extra Large

Latest Deals of In-N-Out Burger USA

As of July 2020, there appear to be no promotions of In-N-Out Burger at the moment and in the near future.


The History of In-N-Out Burger USA

In 1948, Harry and Esther Snyder founded In-N-Out Burger in Baldwin Park, California. Their restaurant was one of the first drive-thru hamburgers stands in that area. Customers were to place their orders in the comfort of their vehicles via a two-way speaker system. The idea of drive-thru was new, and it attracted many customers. 

With a successful business, the Snyders managed to launch the second In-N-Out Burger stand in the 1950s. The opening was immediately followed by the third outlet in Pasadena, as well as the fourth in Covina, California. Since then, a small burger chain was established. To ensure the quality of their menu items, the Snyders managed the restaurants carefully. 

Harry Snyders passed away in 1976 when his business chain had about 18 restaurants. His son, Rich Snyder, became the leader of the company and a rapid expansion took place. Over the next two decades, the business grew to 93 locations. Following Rich’s death in a plane crash, his brother, Guy, took over the presidency of the company. He too had led the company successfully by expanding the business to 140 locations. 

 Today, there are over 358 In-N-Out Burger locations scattered across the United States. The current president of the company is Harry’s only grandchild, Lynsi Snyder. The company refuses franchising programmes to ensure the quality of the menu items and maintain customer consistency. 

Reach Out to In-N-Out Burger USA

# To locate the nearest In-N-Out Burger outlets, use the online locator here

# Stay connected with In-N-Out Burger USA via these social media platforms:

# To keep in touch with In-N-Out Burger via email, fill up the contact form here. You can use this contact form to submit any enquiries, comments, and suggestions.

# Alternatively, you can speak to the customer service associate by calling 1-800-786-1000. Make sure to call between the following hours:
Sunday-Thursday: 8 am -1 am
Friday & Saturday: 8 am – 1.30 am

# You can also write to the customer service centre at the following address:
In-N-Out Burgers Corporate Office
4199 Campus Drive, 9th Floor
Irvine, CA 92612

# If you’re interested in becoming a part of In-N-Out Burger USA, visit the Employment page to discover job opportunities. 

FAQs of In-N-Out Burger USA

1. Where can I purchase a gift card?
In-N-Out Burger gift cards can be purchased online or at any participating outlets. To buy gift cards online, click here

2. Where can I check the balance of my gift card?
You can do so online here. 

3. I don’t have enough balance in my gift card. How else can I pay the difference?
You can pay any difference by using a credit card or cash. 

4. Can I have an In-N-Out Burger cookout truck in my event location?
Yes. Click here to know more about cookout trucks. 

5. When should I book cookout trucks for my event?
It is advised to make reservations 4-6 months in advance of your event. 

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