How to Order Firehouse Subs Delivery Online in the US

Firehouse Subs Delivery Online USA

Wildfire Under Control

Founded by a pair of firemen brothers with only $100 to their names, Firehouse Subs has garnered massive attention over the last two decades. With almost 1,200 locations, this award-winning sandwich chain is undeniably spreading hearty subs across the nation like a carefully controlled wildfire. 

There are three things you can expect whenever you sink your teeth into a Firehouse sub. Freshness, flavor, and a full pile of quality meat stacked up high. Indeed, this fire station-themed restaurant meant what they said when they vowed to satisfy customers with ravenous appetites.

That Firehouse Flavor

Image Credit: Firehouse Subs

Unlike the other submarine sandwich chains out there, Firehouse Subs pride themselves in serving up crave-worthy sandwiches that have a flavor that’s unique to their brand alone. While they can’t reveal their secret recipe for their toasted fluffy buns, they do share that they make use of steam when preparing their meats. You’ll also be treated with that signature mayo spread on every bun because that’s how they do it at Firehouse Subs!

Selling Sandwiches and Saving Lives

Apart from the firemen gear and the brick-and-mortar aesthetics, Firehouse Subs is also known for its many efforts to help the community. Customers who have a heart for charity will be thrilled to know that they have been supporting a wide range of people including senior citizens, the military, first responders, victims of natural disasters, and of course, the local fire department. 

If you’ve never had a mind-blowing sub while chilling at home, let us rescue you from that tragedy. Here’s a quick guide on how to order Firehouse Subs delivery online. Also, keep on reading to find out how you could have a free sub on the (fire)house!

How to Order Firehouse Subs Delivery

1. Firehouse Subs Website 

The first way to order Firehouse subs is to go to their site’s store locator or as they call it ‘firehouse’ locator. Once you’ve found the store nearest to you, you will be able to see if they deliver.

Firehouse Subs partners with Bite Squad, Door Dash, and Uber Eats, so if you order through their website, you’ll be directed to these delivery platforms’ sites. Prices will vary according to location, so do your own comparison before purchasing.

2. Firehouse Subs App

Like most restaurants these days, Firehouse Subs has its own free app that customers can use to order their delivery. Both Android and Apple versions are available. The app can also be used to earn food rewards upon purchases and locate stores, among other things. 

Image Credit: Firehouse Subs

3. Delivery Partners

Alternatively, you could order your Firehouse Subs delivery through any of the common delivery apps that you already have on your smartphone. Honestly, Postmates and Grubhub have pretty much all your food cravings covered. 

Rapid Rescue To Go

Image Credit: Firehouse Subs

For those of you who don’t mind making a sandwich run, Firehouse Subs has a pick-up feature that allows you to pre-order your food before you arrive at the restaurant. This is great because you don’t have to wait in line while you’re there!

Just click here to access Rapid Rescue To Go and follow the instructions to complete your Firehouse Subs order. For orders over $100 and catering over $500, you’ll need to contact the store.

Delicious Deals

Firehouse Rewards

Whenever you order your Firehouse Subs delivery using the app, you earn rewards! For every cent spent, you’ll receive a point which will accumulate. These points allow you to redeem yummy rewards such as meal upgrades or even free subs!

What’s that? You want to be rewarded now? Sure! Sign up now and you’ll receive a free large drink if you purchase a sub in the same order.

Birthday Subs

Who says you can only have candles on a cake for your birthday? While we’re not sure about starting a fire at a ‘firehouse’ but we can tell you that your next birthday will be one filled with deliciousness. You’re eligible to receive a free medium sub if you sign up for Firehouse Rewards before your actual birthday.

Image Credit: Firehouse Subs on Facebook

This is applicable to children under 15 as well! However, they’ll need to register with a parent’s email address first. Just purchase a medium or large sub, chips, and a drink to receive the combo. Alternatively, you could ask for a Kid’s Combo on the house instead. 

For all birthday deals, make sure to redeem within 6 days of your actual birthday. Oh, and don’t worry about bringing ID – it’s not required.  

From altruistic deeds to irresistible sandwiches, Firehouse Subs has definitely set the nation ablaze. You probably have a burning desire to taste their fine gourmet subs now – we sure do!But first, make sure to check out Firehouse Subs’ latest menu and prices. If you enjoyed this article, take a look at our other articles on more delicious eats here on LokaEats!



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