Divya’s Kitchen Brunch Menu & Price USA (2022)

Divya's Kitchen Brunch Menu

Divya’s Kitchen Brunch Menus USA with pricing and the latest promotions. All you need to know about Divya’s Kitchen Brunch.

Eating healthy is all about shaping a relaxed body and an energetic mind. It also helps in expelling any toxins and minimizing calories in our body. 

New York’s Divya’s Kitchen is an escape from the weekday exhaustion where you have simplistic yet delicious weekend brunch. Give your stomach a slight break by taking meals that are tailored according to your body type.   

Disclaimer: Prices and items below are for references. You may visit Divya’s Kitchen’s official website for a more detailed menu list.  


Divya’s Kitchen Brunch Menu & Prices


MenuPrice ($)
Hot Caffeinated6.00
Cold Caffeinated6.00
Herbal teas6.00
Additional: almond milk/oat milk/whole milk0.50

Small Bites

MenuPrice ($)
Spiced Coconut Chips 8.00
Vegetable Bread10.00
Avocado Dip10.00
Sunflower Beet Hummus9.00
Vegan Mozzarella Plate10.00


MenuPrice ($)
Creamy Vegetable Soup11.00
Soothing Mung Soup11.00
Minestrone Soup11.00
Steamed Fennel & Beet Salad15.00
Jicama-Avocado Salad15.00
Quinoa Tabbouleh Salad15.00
Spinach-cheese Cutlets11.00
Paneer Nori Rolls11.00


MenuPrice ($)
Stir Fry Bowl19.00
Vegetable Curry in Cashew Sauce19.00
Seasonal Khichari (Rice & Lentil Stew)16.00
Roasted Vegetables Bowl19.00
Green Cabbage & Kale Bowl19.00

Custom Bowl (including one sauce of your choice)

MenuPrice ($)
Choose Three Sides18.00
Choose Four Sides24.00
Choose Five Sides28.00


MenuPrice ($)
Paneer Protein9.00
Sauteed Leafy Greens9.00
Buttermilk Biscuit 6.00
Quinoa & Wild Rice6.00
Red Bhutanese Rice6.00
Basmati Rice5.00
Half Avocado4.00
Beluga Lentils5.00
Cultured Ghee (a tablespoon)7.00
Roasted vegetables7.00
Gluten-free Toast3.00


MenuPrice ($)
Pistachio Fudge10.00
Rose Chocolate Mousse10.00
Strawberry Parfait10.00
Pecan Chocolate Cookie4.50

The Ayurveda Principles in Divya’s Kitchen

Ayurveda Principle is an Indian medical philosophy that emphasizes maintaining balance for healing and wellness. They believe each individual has a unique constitution (dosha), which falls under three types: vata (airy), pitta (fiery), and kapha (earthy). 

Divya’s Kitchen offers a range of food choices that belong to at least one type of dosha. You can consult their helpful servers to determine which body type you belong to before making your order.

Reach Out to Divya’s Kitchen

Divya’s Kitchen is available on the following social media platforms. You can subscribe to  check the latest updates. 

FAQs of Divya’s Kitchen

1. When does Divya’s Kitchen open its doors?
Divya’s Kitchen opens daily from noon to 10pm. However, the brunch menu is available on the weekends from noon to 5pm.

2. Can I make a reservation in Divya’s Kitchen?
You can book a table from Divya’s Kitchen’s official website.

3. Does Divya’s Kitchen offer delivery?
You can ask for food delivery from Divya’s Kitchen official website.

4. Can I arrange a catering service from Divya’s Kitchen?
To request for catering, you can visit their page to view their catering menu and arrange at least 24 hours prior.

5. What does Divya’s Kitchen teach in their workshops?
Bhagavat Life is Divya’s Kitchen non-profit education organization that teaches Ayurveda cooking, yoga, immersive writing, and others. You can visit their website for more information.

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