Dirt Candy Lunch Menu & Price USA (2022)

Dirt Candy Lunch Menu

Dirt Candy Lunch Menus USA with pricing and the latest promotions. All you need to know about Dirt Candy Lunch

New York City is the place where restaurants and café boomed like mushrooms after rain. Whether it is Korean, Japanese, or Italian, the Big Apple is like a theme park for high-quality international food. 

But have you ever stopped by a fine-dining restaurant that serves artistic vegetarian dishes? 

Right in Allen Street, Dirt Candy is the place to enjoy a full vegetable meal in a way you have never experienced before. Once you look at their lunch menu and photos, you might start craving for veggies. 

Disclaimer: Prices and items below may change. You may visit Dirt Candy’s official website for any updates on the menu.


Dirt Candy Lunch Menu & Prices


MenuPrice ($)
Korean Fried Broccoli10 
Portobello Mousse13
Grilled Sugar Snap Peas9
Garlic Parsley Fries10


MenuPrice ($)
Red Pepper Club15
Tomato Sandwich14
Hot & Spicy Mustard Fried Tofu Bun12


MenuPrice ($)
Kitchen Sink Salad14
Chopped Salad Bowl12

Pastries & Dessert

MenuPrice ($)
Beet Chocolate Chunk Cookie5
Caramel Popcorn Blondie7
Green Goddess Cake8
Oatly Soft Serve Ice Cream 6

The Story of Dirt Candy

Led by Chef Amanda Cohen, Dirt Candy is operated by a group of professional and passionate chefs who wish to revolutionize vegetable dishes. Their goal is to make people enjoy vegetables as they would with meat, with their slogan ‘because vegetables are just candy from the dirt’.

The chefs at Dirt Candy promote a sustainable food culture in which each food is cooked with less waste. Aesthetic wise, each dish is charming with a bright color palette. Their innovative dishes receive praises from local press like the New York Times, the New York Magazine, and the Village Voice.


Reach Out to Dirt Candy in the USA

Dirt Candy is available on the following social media platform. You can subscribe to them for more updates. 


FAQs of Dirt Candy

1. May I know Dirt Candy’s opening hours?
Dirt Candy opens its door from Tuesday to Saturday. Lunch hour starts from noon to 3pm, while dinner hour begins from 5.30pm until 10.30pm.

2. Does Dirt Candy serve alcohol?
They do. However, the cocktail menu changes frequently by the restaurant’s baristas.

3. Can I order Dirt Candy via delivery?
You can order their lunch menu from ChowNow, Caviar, or Seamless during lunch hours.

4. Would Dirt Candy serve any walk-ins?
Unfortunately, no. You need to make a reservation through their website in order to enjoy their artworks.

5. Can I learn how to cook my veggies like Dirt Candy?
Dirt Candy publishes a cookbook which you can find on their webstore. There are other Dirt Candy merchandise like T-shirts and gift vouchers available as well.

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