Cupbop Menu & Price List (Update 2022)

Cupbop Menu USA

Cupbop Menu USA with pricing and the latest promotions. All you need to know about Cupbop.

You have experienced Korean BBQ and chicken from restaurants. Now you can bring Korean cuisine back home from Cupbop. 

Cupbop means ‘steamed rice in a cup’. One large cup is divided into 4 parts: Korean sweet potato glass noodles, steamed rice, cabbage mix and your choice of protein. Definitely a healthy lunch option. 

Let us explore Cupbob’s mouthwatering menu.

Disclaimer: Prices and items may vary across locations. You may visit Cupbop’s official website for any update and promotion.


Cupbop Menu & Prices

Image credit: Cupbop Instagram

Meat Entrees

MenuDescriptionPrice ($)
B BopKorean style BBQ beef8.75
Hot BopKorean style BBQ pork9.00
Kko Kko BopKorean style BBQ chicken9.00
Ugly BopKorean style fried chicken9.25
GF Kko Kko BopGluten-free Korean Style BBQ chicken5.25
Rock BopKorean Spicy Fried Chicken10.25
Mandoo BopFried dumplings 9.45
Combo Bop Two-choice of meat9.45
Kids BopKids-size cup with one protein choice6.25
Image credit: Cupbop Instagram

Vegan Entrees

MenuDescriptionPrice ($)
Noodle Bop Only sweet potato noodles, rice and cabbage mix8.00
Doochi BopStir-fried tofu8.50
Image credit: Cupbop Instagram


MenuPrice ($)
Side of noodles1.50
Side of kimchi1.25
Side of rice1.50
Mandoo (3pcs)2.00


MenuPrice ($)
22oz 1.70

Cupbop Promotions

Giving a Google review on Cupbop will guarantee a free Mandoo. If you redeem within 10 days, Cupbop will reward you with 2 Mandoos.


The Story of Cupbob

Image credit: Cupbop Instagram

The tale begins with an ambitious young man who has the desire to introduce Korean cuisine to the West. With his two other friends, he started a Korean food trailer business called Cupbop Korean BBQ in 2013.

The menu started out with 4 different home recipes that were simplistic but tasty. The team combined the traditional Korean recipes with mainstream American sauces like BBQ sauce. Hence, it had caught the attention of the locals. 

As their food has received recognition from the public, they soon establish their franchise store starting from Utah. In 2019, Cupbop had 20 stores in 4 states and 6 food trucks delivering their passion for Korean food culture.

Reach Out to Cupbop in the USA

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FAQs of Cupbop

1. Where can I find Cupbop?
Cupbop is currently available in Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.

2. Can I order the Cupbop menu online?
Of course. There is a pickup and delivery option. 

3. Does Cupbop offer catering service?
Yes, you can contact via the official website to make your arrangement.

4. How can I know the Cupbop food truck is coming to my area?
The Cupbop website has a calendar that marks the food trucks’ schedules and locations. Be sure to check for any updates. 

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