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Cinnabon Menu & Price List (Update 2021)

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Cinnabon Menu USA with Price List & Promotion (Updated 2021)

Are you looking for a place which serves delicious pastries? A fan of cinnamon rolls? Head down over to Cinnabon – the place which offers the best cinnamon rolls and many other pastries!

Moreover, all of the items on the Cinnabon Menu USA are baked to perfection, so rest assured of the quality. Before stopping by at the nearest outlet, check out its complete and updated menu:

Disclaimer: The prices below are only for reference purposes and may be subjected to change. Feel free to visit the official website for any updates on the Cinnabon menu.

Baked Treats

Cinnabon Classic Roll $3.76
Caramel Pecanbon Roll $4.71
MiniBon $2.83
Center of the Roll $3.30
Cinnabon Stix5pc.$3.29
Cinnabon Stix10pc.$5.49
Cinnabon Bites4pc.$3.29
Churro $2.36
Extra Frosting $0.71
Cinnabon Classic4 Rolls$12.99
Cinnabon Classic6 Rolls$17.45
Caramel Pecanbon4 Rolls$16.99
Caramel Pecanbon6 Rolls$22.99
Combo (Classic or Caramel Pecanbon)4 Rolls$14.99
Combo (Classic or Caramel Pecanbon)6 Rolls$20.99
MiniBon9 Rolls$14.99
MiniBon15 Rolls$21.99

Sweet Sips

Chillattas (Oreo, Cinnamon Roll Coffee,
Chocolate Mocha, Strawberry, Strawberry
Banana or Tropical Blast
Chillattas (Oreo, Cinnamon Roll Coffee,
Chocolate Mocha, Strawberry, Strawberry
Banana or Tropical Blast
MochaLatta ChillRegular$4.71
MochaLatta ChillLarge$5.65
Cinnamon Roll Iced CoffeeRegular$2.99
Cinnamon Roll Iced CoffeeLarge$3.58
Vanilla Iced CoffeeRegular$2.99
Vanilla Iced CoffeeLarge$3.58
Cinnabon Signature CoffeeRegular$1.65
Cinnabon Signature CoffeeLarge$1.88
Soft DrinkLarge$1.79
Raspberry LemonadeRegular$3.30
Raspberry LemonadeLarge$3.77
Chocolate MilkLarge$1.89
Hot ChocolateLarge$2.36
Hot TeaLarge$1.69

History of Cinnabon

The first store for Cinnabon opened in 1985 in Federal Way, Washington. The business started when two business partners, Rich Komen and Ray Lindstrom, had the idea to serve the best cinnamon rolls. They managed to accomplish the mission of creating the perfect cinnamon rolls with the help Jerilyn Brusseau. Brusseau finalized the right recipe for the cinnamon rolls.

In the early stages, the only Cinnabon Menu which they had to offer was the cinnamon rolls; it became the public’s favourite. Hence, due to its popularity, the business started to expand starting from the year 1986 by franchising. The first franchise was in Philadelphia. As of today, the brand has now over 500 locations around the US.

Reach Out to Cinnabon USA

For any further enquiries or updates and promos from Cinnabon, follow or subscribe to them on their social media accounts here:

FAQs of Cinnabon USA

  • Is Cinnabon vegan?

No, it’s not. The food on its menu contains eggs and milk.

  • Where can I view the nutritional information for Cinnabon?

You can view it on the nutritional information page.

  • How can I become a franchisee for Cinnabon?

If you’re interested in becoming one of Cinnabon’s franchisee, click here.

  • Does Cinnabon offer catering?

Yes, it does! Go to their catering page to find out more.

  • How many Cinnabon locations are there in the US?

As of June 2020, there is a total 619 Cinnabon locations in the US.

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